The M/V Island SpiritClimb Aboard
Our Small Ship

The Island Spirit carries up to 32 passengers overnight in 17 comfortable staterooms. Each room has a private bath and shower, as well as a minimum of one large opening window for wonderful views and fresh air ventilation.

There are two staircases for access between decks. The stairs are brightly lit and are easy to navigate with handrails. Although we cruise in primarily protected waterways, the Island Spirit has been upgraded to 2010 USCG vessel standards. The vessel utilizes fin stabilizers and a reshaped hull for extra stability and cruising comfort.

Our Vessel Is Blue, But Our Impact Is Green

The Island Spirit is a three deck U.S. Coast Guard licensed and inspected passenger vessel. Originally built in 1978 as an oil field supply vessel, she is all-aluminum and heavily constructed. The vessel was completely rebuilt and re-powered in 2002 with Caterpillar marine engines. These new state-of-the-art engines meet all existing EPA low pollution standards. The Island Spirit continues to set the benchmark for low impact on the environment.

We are the only US Coast Guard licensed small ship to power our guest and public areas by batteries at night. We utilize excess power during the day to charge up for super quiet evenings. We don't run engines at night so you'll sleep right. Imagine anchoring in pristine Alaskan bays on such a quiet vessel.

We ask that our guests help us in our quest to be green. We do not have guest washers and dryers aboard the vessel. We ask that our guests, if needed, us laudromats when we visit ports of call. We also try to not wash linens everyday. Please try to use towels more than once when bathing.

On the Island Spirit, all of our ship's liquids are treated prior to discharge — even your shower and sink water. All galley sinks are also treated.